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Rubatino Recyclable Materials Collection Service

Rubatino Refuse Removal is strongly committed to recycling. Due to the limitations in land fill space, recycling simply makes sense. Additionally, many products can be made using less energy when recyclables are used in the manufacturing chain. We provide a convenient, curbside residential recycling program that allows you to participate from your own home.

We can also provide for your company's recycling needs, whether your needs are for toters (wheeled plastic carts) to collect and recycle small quantities of recyclable goods, or large multi-cubic yard containers to recycle large volumes of material. Recycling makes sense for your business, too. Recycling is beneficial for the environment and saves you money by cutting down on your waste removal costs.

Key Benefits

  • Recycling provides for better use of valuable resources.
  • Recycling reduces the amount of material put in landfills.
  • Recycling reduces the costs of the products that you buy and use.

Recycling Information:
Yard Waste/Food Waste Guide
Curbside Recycling Guide
City of Everett Public Works

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