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Our Equipment

Trucks you might see on the roads around Everett

Front Loaders

A front loader is a rubbish removal truck typically used for small to medium sized commercial refuse containers. These are the trucks you may have seen picking up 1 to 8 yard rubbish containers near many businesses in the area. At Rubatino Refuse Removal, we have a fleet of front loaders able to serve the needs of Everett's businesses.

Rear Loaders

A rear end loader is what Rubatino Refuse Removal uses to collect residential garbage. Most of these units are scheduled for service within the communities in and around Everett. One rear loading truck can service over 1,000 households in a single day.

Side Loaders

A side loader is a truck typically used to collect yard debris in the Everett area. The hydraulic arm on the side of the truck allows for the driver to pick-up the yard debris container without exiting the cab of the truck.


Roll-offs are containers used for bulk refuse removal. These units are available for businesses, contractors, demolition sites, even homeowners seeking to remove large amounts of rubbish. These units come in 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 cubic yard sizes. They are kept at your site for a small rental fee and picked up by our specialized roll-off trucks at your convenience.

Recycle Trucks

Recycle trucks are used to pick up residential recycling in the Everett area. These machines are able to collect and store various recyclable items in individual chambers so that these items can be sent through various recycling processes to better use the resources that are available.