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Drop-Box Collection Services

If you need to dispose of large quantities of refuse, on a one-time-only or continuing basis, we can meet your needs. We offer daily, temporary and long term drop-box rental and collection service; whether you are remodeling, re-roofing your own home, or building a housing development, we can help you to solve your removal questions and provide you with a customized, yet simple, solution to meet your needs. 

Drop-boxes, or roll-offs, provide a means for the disposal of large quantities of refuse from your business, construction site, demolition site, or home. Our drop-box servicing options provide you with flexible solutions to your refuse removal needs.

Key Benefits

  • Rubatino Refuse Removal will remove large volumes of waste for you, eliminating the need for you to make many trips to the dump.
  • Rubatino Refuse Removal can work around your schedule to provide prompt service on your timeframe.
  • Rubatino Refuse Removal can provide flexibility through daily or monthly drop-box rental.
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Drop-Box Collection Service Rates

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Volume (Cubic Yards)  


How big is that container?
Volume (Cubic Yards)Dimensions
2018'L x 4'h x 8'w
3522'L x 6'h x 8'w